Monday, November 16, 2009


रानी  रूपमती  (1959) was a period movie,belonging to sixteenth century,having classical music as its central theme.The ruler of मांडू  बाज  बहादुर  was in platonic love with रूपमती  because music was the strongest bond between them.When Mandu was to be attacked by some enemies ,to save it तानसेन ,the greatest musician of King AKBAR'S regime, came to test their real love for music.TANSEN was in disguise of an elderly musician.In the packed दरबार  of बाज  बहादुर  ,तानसेन  puts a challange before the musicians of मांडू ,to show the miracle of blossoming of lotus in night by their singing, so that insect(भ्रमर )trapped inside the petals of lotus may get free to fly away.When तानसेन  himself is requested to show it,he starts singing राग  दरबारी  " उड़  जा  भंवर  माया  कमल  का  आज  बंधन  तोड के,उड़ जा .| रंग इसका लाल है और रूप भी क्या कमाल है ,जिन पंखुरियों में तू झूमे वो तेरा जंजाल तेरा जाल है | कहीं और जा के दिल लगा कलियों की गलियाँ छोड़ के || उड़ जा ...|| देख वो सूरज की किरणे आ रही है झूमती , चल गगन की ओर तेरा मुख हवाएं चूमती || बावरे उठ  जाल से मखमल का घेरा दूर कर, तन है काला इसलिए मन का अँधेरा  दूर कर | तुझको बुलाये ....तुझको बुलाता है सवेरा देख मुखड़ा मोड़ के || उड़ जा भंवर , उड़ जा .... ..."(मन्ना  डे   gave the playback Taansen singing with perfection).The lotus is now shown blossoming due to  powerful and magical singing of तानसेन  and  भ्रमर trapped inside its petals flies away. Seeing this miracle रानी  रूपमती  stands up and starts rendering राग  सारंग:  "छोड़  चला  क्यों  ओ  निर्मोही  कैसा  तेरा  प्यार ,रो  रो  करे  पुकार  कमलिनी  बीती  जाए  बहार || आजा  आजा  भंवर  सूनी  डगर  सूना  है  घर  आ || न न जा  रे आ रे आ रे ,मोरी अँखियाँ उदासी तोरे दरस की प्यासी , पल पल छिन छिन देखे राह तिहारी || आ जा आ जा भंवर सूनी डगर ..|| गुन गुन धुन सुन सुन तेरी हरजाई , तन मन की न  रही  सुध बिसराई ||  आ रे आ ,  आ जा आ जा भंवर ." to call that भ्रमर  back to get itself trapped inside the lotus again.The effective singing of रानी  रूपमती (playback given by लता  मंगेशकर ) brings back the insect(भ्रमर )and it is trapped inside the closing petals of the lotus.Seeing this miracle तानसेन  discloses his identity and praises for the musical talent of Rani Rupmati.This competition's video clip is in two parts:first showing राग  दरबारी  and second राग  सारंग .Both in sequence present this competition which is enjoyable and worth listening too.The Music Director of this film श्री  नाथ  त्रिपाठी  was also the Director of this film.He was a great genious,who scored music for many memorable and hit film songs based on the classical ragas.The poetic and beautiful lyrics of the songs of this competition were penned by Poet भरत  व्यास .

Friday, November 6, 2009



In certain Hindi films having music as its central theme, we find very interesting situations of presenting the classical music skills of two stalwarts of music.Audience always enjoy such compositions.I would like to discuss a few musical competitions from the films like:BAIJU BAWRA,RANI RUPMATI,BASANT BAHAAR,KOHINOOR,DIL HI TO HAI,etc. बैजू  बावरा (1953):The story of this musical film at its climax shows a singing competition between तानसेन ,the famous singer and navratna of Akbar's court and BAIJU ,a disciple of Swami Haridas.Tansen also learnt music from स्वामी  हरिदास ,a saint musician of वृन्दावन  and devotee of Banke Bihari ji(Lord Krishna).In the competition, the condition was that,winner will be the singer,whose singing is so effective that a piece of stone kept before them melts also looser will loose his life and winner will get his any three wishes fulfilled.Both of them sing राग  देसी  TODI, a morning melody.The role of तानसेन  was played by famous hero of forties,सुरेन्द्र नाथ  and उस्ताद  अमीर  खान  gave playback for him.The role of बैजू  was played by भारत भूषण ,hero of the film,his playback was given by PT.D.V.PALUSKAR.Both singers sing the same song ,and start with praying to God:"तुम्हरे  गुन  गाऊं  रे  बिगरी  बना  दो  दाता  हमरी.Then Baiju sings;"आज  गावत  मन  मेरो  झूम  के , तेरी  तान  भगवान "These lines are repeated by Tansen alsoand further he sings;"हार गया सो जीवन जावे,जीता गायक दुनिया पावे,रखियो अब मोरी शान रे,आज गावत मन मेरो झूम के.Then Baiju sings:"प्रेम के कारन प्रेमी गावे,तानों से पत्थर पिघलावे,जगत में रहे मान रे,आज गावत मन मेरो झूम के.Near the climax of singing competition तानसेन  sings" सात  सुरों  के  मधुर  मिलन  में  जादू  आज  जगा  दे " and बैजू  continues with singing"बैजू  के  संगीत  सिधाता  जल  में  आग  लगा  दे ."Taking beautiful taans both singers reach the climax ,but a string of Tansen"s taanpura splits off and Baiju's taans flow like a fountain.The singing of both vocalists,was superb, reflecting the finesses of ग्वालियर-घराना  of पंडित डी.वी.पलुस्कर  and इंदौर  घराना  of उस्ताद  अमीर  खान  साहेब .In the end Baiju is shown as winner.This is one of the best singing composition created for films.Music director नौशाद  did a great job alongwith lyricist शकील  बदायूनी .Attached video clip gives a glimpse of it and keeps you spell bound.