Saturday, February 18, 2012


Begum Parveen Sultana is the top rank classical vocalist of India.She hails from Assam but sings Hindustani classical of Patiala Gharana.She gives perfection to the songs keeping its Bhav and Ras in tune with the Raga she selects for singing.I have attended  her first  live concert in Kanpur in March,1972.It is always a pleasure to listen to her singing,may be a Khayal,Bhajan,Thumri or Tarana,or even a film song.She can expand her singing to all the three octaves of music,very brilliantly.
Let me list here her film songs,which are very less in number but all are different in style.She first sang a duet with Asha Bhosle in film PARWANA(1971).Music Director Madan Mohan composed it in raga गौड़  मल्हार .The song is"पिया  की  गली  लागे  भली ,रोको  ना सखी  जिया  बस  में  नहीं ..."   
 During same period she did a duet, for music director Usha Khanna ,with Suman Kalyanpur"राम करे मोरे सैयां हों ऐसे ..."in film: KHOJ(1971). She also sang two thumris for music director Naushad in film PAKEEZAH(1972).One of it "कौन  गली  गए  श्याम .."is being presented here:
The other one was "वन वन  बोले कोयलिया...". With music director Jaidev Parveen Sultana  worked in film DO BOOND PANI and sang a duet"पीतल  की  मोरी  गागरी ...."alongwith Minoo Purushottam.
 Razia Sultan was a grand movie of director Kamal Amrohi and on the occasion of coronation of Razia on the throne of Delhi a big feast was shown  in the film,in which Parveen Sultana also sang with her husband Ustad Mohd.Dilshad Khan,Jagjit Kaur,Sulakshana Pandit,Niyaz Ahmad Khan & Faiyyaz Ahmad Khan,"शुभ  घडी  आयी रे ..."
 Later in 1981 She sang a tandem in raga मालकौंस  with R.D.Burman,"हमें  तुमसे  प्यार है  कितना ये हम नहीं  जानते ,मगर जी नहीं सकते तुम्हारे बिना .." which was more effective than its male version sung by Kishore Kumar.
 Let us see the video clip from film RAZIA SULTAN showing the grandure of the scene how matches with the song composed in raga बागेश्री  by music director Khaiyyam. 
In recent years her thumri in raga भैरवी  sung with Ajai Chakravarty in film GADAR."आन  मिलो  सजना .." is worth listening.
The next clip will reveal her clarity and perfection in singing.This is her famous भैरवी  भजन ,'भवानी  दयानी महा वाक् वानी सुर नर मुनि जन मानी ,सकल बुद्ध ज्ञानी ,भवानी  ...'

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Here is an interesting episode from the film 'SANGEET SAMRAT TANSEN'(1962).In Akbar's court one day  on some auspicious occasion Tansen is requested to sing to prove his supremacy in music,doing Jugalbandi with the dance of Rai Praveen, a court dancer of king Indrajeet of Orchha state.She was captivated by Akbar for four years.Later seeing her pious nature was sent back to Orchha.
Rai Praveen's Mahal

Rai Praveen Mahal,Orchha(M.P.)

Accepting the challange,Tansen sings an enchanting Tarana in raga Hammeer.After a long spell of perfect Jugalbandi, dancer fails to maintain her steps in tune with the song and fells down, defeated ultimately.
Tansen in Agra

Music director of the film Shree Nath Tripathi( popularly known as S.N.Tripathi) has done a great job giving such a sweet composition.Singers  Manna Dey and Asha Bhosle have sung this tarana proving their talent like Ustads of music.Seeing is beleiving and  the video clip is here to enjoy.
The song is something like this:

"ता न ता ध  ता न ता ध  ता न ता ध ,
  ता दी या न रे ता न दूम...।।
  त्रिक  त्रिक त्रिक छुम छनन नन नन छाई घटा।
  रिमिक झिमिक रूम झूम बूंदन बरसाई घटा।।
  सघन कुञ्ज अलि गुंज संग अलि कुञ्ज मनोहर।
  मदमाती मुस्काती इठलाती  रसराती।।
  मंजुल मृग शावक मराल शुक पिक कपोत केहरी  लजाती ।
  अंग वसन मृदु हसन दसन दामिनी सिहाती ।।
  पग नूपुर झंकार दार छुम छनक छनक थम थेई ।
  ता न ता ध ता न ता ध ता न ता ध ........।।
In the film Bharat Bhushan played the role of Tansen and dancer's role was played by Sabita Chatterji.