Thursday, September 18, 2014


Asha Bhosle


Kishore Kumar

Majrooh Sultanpuri
This was a dream sequence of Kishore Kumar, who played as the hero of film 'CHALTI KAA NAAM GAADI'. This is one of the best comedy film of Hindi Cinema,The song is based on the classical ragas such as Bilawal, Khammaj, Maand.First you may enjoy the song and I will give its details later.

Friday, July 4, 2014



Kankana Banerjee

Ravindra Jain

This is a  rare piece of  Bhairavi Thumri,"सैय्याँ सैय्याँ सैय्याँ हो सैय्याँ रटती मैं डोलूँ   .."  beautifully sung by Nirmala Devi and Kankana Banerjee,in Jugalbandi.Though singing is intermitantally masked by the dialogues ,where thumri's audio level has been suppressed.But the song goes on continuously for more than 5 minutes.It starts with a 'Doha'( couplet) and also ends on a 'Doha'( couplet).Late Smt.Nirmala Devi was the master of singing the jugalbandi thumris and had cut many such records,singing  along with Lakshmi Shankar.

Late Shri Raj Kapoor was a great fan of her singing and getting a suitable situation in his film,he used this thumri.Though film's music was composed by Ravindra Jain,but for this song he simply provided the music accompaniment.Kankana Banerjee also has an extremely flexible voice and had matched  it well,with her co-singer at all levels.The harmony in their singing is superb.
                         I can say so much for both of these artists, because I got the chance to listen to them singing in Classical Music Concerts many times here at Kanpur.

This thumri starts with a couplet:

                      'प्रीतम की पगली भई,रट रही पी पी नाम। 
                       प्रीत बिना ये कब मिले, मेरे को आराम॥' 

                   हाँ...सैय्याँ सैय्याँ सैय्याँ, हो सैय्याँ रटती मैं डोलूँ ।
 And thumri ends with this couplet:

                      'साईं तेरा रूठना , आदर करे ना कोय। 
                      दुर दुर करें सहेलियां,साईं मुड़ मुड़ देखे कोय॥'    

Monday, February 24, 2014


On this 90th Birthday of  the great singer of Hindi silver screen Shri Talat Mahmood. I am again reminded of  numerous soul stirring melodious songs rendered by him.The complete lyrics of all the film and non -film songs sung by him are collected in the book form named as 'TALAT GEET KOSH' complied by Dr. Rakesh Pratap Singh from Kanpur ( U.P.). 
Myself with TALAT Mahmood at his residence.

Shri Talat Mahmood with me in Kanpur

Myself at the release function of Talat Geet Kosh in 1992 at Talat Mahmood's residence,
How can I forget those moments when we were at his residence in Bandra,Mumbai.Veteran music director of Hindi films Shri Naushad Ali was the chief guest of this function.Also journalist Raju Bharatan  from Times Of India and Shri Gopal Sharma of Radio Shrilanka were special invited guests.The completion of this book was also the dream of Talat Ji, which was completed and was in his hands.I marked a solace and happiness in his expressions on that evening of 26th August,1992. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dear Music lovers, very soon a great event is going to take place,in the field of classical music in Hindi films.My freind Shri K.L.Pandey Ji,IRTS,(Adviser,Tourism and Catering,Railway Board Of India)  

Shri K.L.Pandey Ji

is  bringing out an Encyclopaedia of 'Classical Raga-Based Film Songs', including more than 13000 Hindi Film Songs,from the year 1931 to 2014.
Myself with Shri K.L.Pandey Ji
This work is being published in bilingual -form( in both Hindi and English),spread over 'Seven Volumes' exploring 165  Indian Classical Ragas.The title of this mega project on Hindi film music is: 'HINDI CINE SANGEET RAGOPAEDIA'.
The links to get more details about this work is:            and

                            Here are shown the 'Cover Pages' of all the seven volumes of 'Hindi Cine Sangeet Ragopaedia',being published very soon for all the classical music lovers worldwide.

Regarding other details like such as price of the complete set of seven volumes with songs-index,pre-publication booking of the volumes for individuals and institutions,etc. we will inform you very soon. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Sachin Dev Burman

                                                                         Actress Waheeda Rehman was basically a dancer and in her roles in Hindi films whenever she danced on the screen,she did full justice.May be her any film like: Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja,Mujhe Jeene Do,Ek Phool Chaar Kaante,Teesari Kasam,Baat Ek Raat Ki or Dharti ,her dances were always admired by the audience.But in film GUIDE she was at her best.Waheeda performed an unique Sapera Nritya(Snake Charmer-Dance) on the Lahra of Been music.
Next was the song "Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye..."sung in thumri style in ragas:Khammaj,Jansammohini and Jhinjhoti  and Waheeda Rehman  very beautifully expressed the feelings hidden in lyrics of  the song,with her dance.

But  song "Piya Tose Naina Laage.." was the longest and most challenging to perform, because it had many shades and a spectrum of ragas:Khammaj ,Jhinjhoti and Gawati were used in its composition.But what to say about Waheeda Ji's superb dancing on this song.We keep on viewing it, mesmerised by her step by step wonderful dancing. I think it as her best dance ever performed on cinema screen.
The credit for it also goes to Dada Sachin Dev Burman for his wonderful music composition and beautiful lyrics written by poet Shailendra.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is one of the most spectacular Kathak dances ever presented in the history of Hindi Cinema.The frame by frame presentation is so beautiful that one cannot deviate his eyes from the screen.Gopi Krishna  really appears like Krishna as we see in paintings and photographs. Actress Sandhya has played as Radha.
Gopi Krishna

Sandhya and Gopi Krishna

Their Dance teacher (K.Daate)is very strict in discipline and most of the dancing is picturised on his song(sung by some unknown singer).Manna Dey sings for Gopi Krishna and Lata Mangeshkar sings for Sandhya.The whole creation is composed by music director Vasant Desai and dancr dirctor Gopi Krishna.This film of V.Shantaram 'JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAJE'(1955) was fully devoted to classical dance'Kathak'.
Manna Dey

Hasrat Jaipuri

Lata Mangeshkar

Vasant Desai
The lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri,which are:

कड़ान   कड़ान   कड़ान  धा !

मुरली मनोहर कृष्ण  कन्हैय्या 
जमुना  के  तट  पे  विराजे  हैं  

मुरली  मनोहर  कृष्ण  कन्हैय्या 
जमुना  के  तट  पे  विराजे  हैं  
मोर  मुकुट  सर ,कानों  में  कुण्डल 
कर  में  मुरलिया ,मुरलिया , मुरलिया  साजे है  
इतने  में  दी  दिखाई  राधा 
राधा  राधा  राधा,
पनघट  पर  से  आय  रही ,
घबराय  रही ,शरमाय  रही ,
मुस्काय  रही ,बल  खाय  रही .

इधर  बंशी  में  लहर  सी  उठी 
कृष्ण  के  मुख  पर  बजने  लगी  
राधा   की  छुम   छुम  छननन  पर , 
आप  ही  आप  से  बजने  लगी ,
बजने  लगी , बजने  लगी। 
लम्बा  सा  घूँघट  काढ़  लिया 
बंशी  के  सुरों  पर  झूम  गई ,
धर  सर  पे  गगरिया  मोहन  की  ओऱ  ही 
धुम  कित   धुम  कित  घूम  गई  

फिर कृष्ण  कन्हैय्या  नटखट  ने 
राधा  की  कलैय्या  थाम  लई 
राधा  ने  पुकारा 
राधा  ने  पुकारा 
हाय  दई ,कोई आओ सखी ,कोई आओ सखी। 

फिर  हाथ छुड़ा  कर  बोली  हटो ,
फिर  हाथ छुड़ा  कर  बोली  हटो,
अब  जावों  डगरिया  छोड़ो  मोरी .
कहा  कृष्ण  ने  चुप  रह  वरना 
दूँगा  गगरिया  फोड़  तोरी । 

राधा  तब  उसकी  शोखी  पर ,कुछ  बिगड़ी  भी ,
मुस्काई  भी  , फिर  कृष्ण  से  पूछा ,कौन  हो  तुम ?
क्या  नाम  है  जी ?क्या  नाम  है  जी ?क्या  नाम  है  जी ?

कृष्ण : ओ ओ ओ ओ !
हमें  गोप  ग्वाला  कहते  हैं  -2
और  कृष्ण  दिया  है  नाम हमें  नाम हमें ।
कोई  नटवर  गिरिधर  कहता  है  -2
और  कोई  कहे  घनश्याम  हमें । 

राधा  : घनश्याम  नहीं  तुम  काले  हो  -2,
तुम  नटखट  हो  मतवाले  हो ,मतवाले  हो । 
चितचोर  हो  माखन  चोर  नहीं  -2,
सुख -चैन  चुराने  वाले  हो ,
घनश्याम  नहीं  ...
राधा   ने  उनको  हाथ  दिया 
और   कृष्ण  ने  उनका  साथ  दिया 
कुछ  बात  हुई  कुछ  घात  हुई ,
इतने   में  सूरज  डूब  गया  - २ 
राधा   की  पायल  जाग  उठी ,
दोनों  में   कला   की  लाग  उठी  ,

अब  रैन   को  दीप  संवारे  थे 
और  नील  गगन  पे  तारे  थे ,
अब  रैन   को  दीप  संवारे  थे 
और  नील  गगन  पे  तारे  थे , 
राधा   को   विदा  के   इशारे  थे ,
राधा   को   विदा  के   इशारे  थे ,
राधा   ने   आँचल   बाँध  लिया ,
मुरली   को   सम्हाला  माधव  ने ,
                                           तिरकित धा ,तिरकित धा ,तिरकित धा। 
In between the song lines at appropriate places the 'Boles' of dance are sung,which have not been given here.Also the kathak singer  who narrates the story is not known from available sources.As I guess he can be Chaube Maharaj( real maternal uncle of Gopikrishna) who played as the competitor dancer in the climax scene of the film.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Raga Shankara is a rarely used raga in the film music.Therefore this melodious song is a rare treat for classical music lovers.Sung by Lata Mangeshkar and composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, this song is picturised on dancing star Padmini.She was one of the three famous Bharatnatyam exponent 'Travancore-Sisters'( Lalitha, Padmini and Ragini ).The lyrics " Jhanan jhanjhana ke apni payal, chali main aaj mat poochho kahan.."also relate us with the dance.Padmini is no more,she left us on 25 Sept.,2006. 


Wednesday, October 9, 2013




This classical raga Sohini is a night melody and it is also very popular for the semi-classical compositions like Thumries etc.In this song music director Ravi has taken the raga in Drut laya(fast tempo) from the beginning.Asha Bhosle has sung it very well.The lyrics written by Shakeel Badayuni are:
                                          " Jeewan joat jale,jeewan joat jale,
                                Kou na jaane kab nikase din,
                                Aur kab raat dhale,
                                Jeewan joat jale....
                                Bhor bhaye to man muskaaye
                                Sanjh bhaye to neer bahaye.
                                Ek  pal mauj kare sansari,
                                Ek pal haath maley.
                                Jeewan joat jale...."  

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Raga Bhatiyar, an early morning melody ,was presented in the form of Jugalbandi, between the two great stalwarts of Hindustani Classical Music,Ustad Ameer Khan (Vocal) and Ustad Bismillah Khan(Shehnai)in a Hindi movie GOONJ UTHI SHEHNAI(1959).
Ulhas playing as the Sangeetacharya

This  beautiful jugalbandi was picturised on a 'Sangeet Guru'(played by Ulhas),who is singing in a temple before the statues of his deity Shri Radha and Krishna,in the early hours of the dawn and a boy who is exactly repeating his singing on  Shehnai,sitting beside a pillar,somewhere in the temple complex.When his Shehnai playing is noticed by Guru Ji , he himself comes to the boy and praises for his efforts .Music director of the film Vasant Desai selected this Raga Bhatiyar, as most appropriate for this sequence in the film and left everything on these two Ustads.



Saturday, August 17, 2013


Kishore Kumar

Manna Dey
Lakshmi Shankar

Music Director:MADAN MOHAN

Nirmala Devi
Kaifi Azmi

A scene from the film 'BAWARCHI'
Harindranath Chatterji
This raagmala was picturised on a household scene, in an early morning in Hindi film BAWARCHI.The singers are:Manna Dey,Nirmala Devi,Lakshmi Shankar,Kishore Kumar,Harindranath Chatterji and one more unidentified singer.Lyrics are written by Kaifi Azmi in which some part of Harindranath's English poem is also included.The whole presentation is very pleasing. It begins with raga Alhaiyya Bilawal and then ragas Maru Bihag ,Nat Bhairavi ,Dhaani(Dhanashree) ,Hansadhwani  are used by music director Madan Mohan.The  complete lyrics of this raagmala are as follows:

Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
Saare jag mein hua ujiyara
Naache jhoome ye man matwara, matwara
Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
gaya andhiyara, gaya andhiyara

Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
Saare jag mein hua ujiyara
Nache jhume ye man matwara, matwala
Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
Bhor aayi gaya pa dha ni..
Bhor aayi gaya  ma  re  sa...
Bhor aayi gaya dha..
Bhor aayi gaya aandhiyara
Bhor aayi gaya aandhiyara

बीन  मृदंग  ढाप  सब  बाजत ,
ता  पर  नाचत  कृष्ण  कन्हैया, 
गोपिन  के  संग  रास  रचावत ,
नाच  दिखावत  ता  ता  थैय्या,
ता  ता  थैय्या । 
खेलत  गेंद  गिरी जमुना बिच,
नृत्य  कियो  तब  नाग  नथैया,
कोपि  के इंद्र  चढ़यो ब्रज ऊपर ,
गोप  करत  सब हा  हा दैय्या , 
धाय उठाय लियो गिरि नख पर ,
बंशी  बजावत  धेनु  चरैया ,
जब  से  मोहन  मन  में  आये ,
नित्य  करत  राधा  राधा  राधा ,
राधा  राधा  राधा।
Bhor aayee gaya andhiyara,...
Dha dhin tik ta thei, ta ta thei...

Dharti bhi jhume bagiya bhi jhume
Dharti bhi jhume bagiya bhi jhume
Bhanwara machal ke kaliyon ko chume
Bhanwara machal ke kaliyon ko chume
Nanhi kiran muskaye 
Laage neela gagan bada pyara,bada nyara.
Bhor aayi gaya aandhiyara
Bhor aayi gaya aandhiyaa..

Din ye sandesha le ker purab se aata hai
Din ye sandesha le ker purab se aata hai
Mehnat jo bante vahi phal milke khata hai
Mehnat jo bante vahi phal milke khata hai
Maje udao mil ke, khushi manao mil ke
O! maje udao mil ke,khushi manao mil ke
Nayi baharen aayi dekho phool khilao mil ke.
Ek dooje ki  sochoge to mauj karoge
Hanste gaate din beetega mast rahoge
Deta hai jitna koi utna hi pata hai
Deta hai  jitna koi utna hi pata hai
Din ye sandesha le ker purab se aata hai
Mehnat jo bante vohi phal milke khata hai.

Dekho kahta hai tumse savera 
ye savera, ye savera, ye savera 
Dekho kahta hai tumse savera. 
Chodo chodo bhi  ye tera mera, tera mera 
Dekho kahta hai tumse savera 
Phooti gagri liye fir rahe hain
Mil ke jo nahi peete the paani
Jo bhi karna hai tum aaj ker lo,
are yaad rakho jogi ki ye baani
Ki palatti nahi hai samay ki ye dhara.

Bhor aayi gaya andhiyara
gaya andhiyara, gaya andhiyara
gaya andhiyara, gaya andhi

hey ti ti ti ti ddhh di di dh d d du du
ti ti ti ti ddhh di di dh d d du du
Good morning
good morning, good morning o papa
good morning, good morning o dady
good morning , good morning  every body

good morning ,good morning, good morning
Beta, yes papa
Barkurdar, yes dady
Apni bhasha mein bolo, hai hai bhoola,
Namaste Namaste o Pitaji, Namaste.
Jai Hind Jai Hind o Pitaji, Jai Hind
Namaste namaste hai sabko, good morning Babu Chacha
Namaste, Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.

The morning rays are coming
The happy days are coming, kya
The morning rays are coming
The happy days are coming
Haye haye bhoola..
Subah ki kiraney aayi hai, bahut achha
Khushiyan hi khushiyan laayi hai

Subah ki kirane aayi hai
Khushiya hi khushiya laayi hai
Namaste namaste o pitaji, namaste
Jai Hind Jai Hind o pitaji, Jai Hind
namaste namaste hai sabko
namaste, namaste, namaste, namaste

aayi paniya bharan ki bela
aayi paniya bharan ki bela
laga jamuna ke tat per mela
laga jamuna ke tat per mela
aayi paniya bharan ki bela
mil ke bhar lo ye bhar lo aao gagri
mil ke bhar lo ye bhar lo aao gagri
baje cham cham  kyon ghunghru akela
aayi paniya bharan ki bela
aayi paniya bharan, 
aayi paniya bharan ki bela

dhi te tum na na na,dhi te tum na na na
na dir ta tum ta dha na....

The coloured part of the lyrics is not there in the video clip but it is there in the audio clip of the song. Also the singer of this part is not known to me.If any one knows please write in comments part.The audio clip is from the courtsey of  Shri K.L.Pandey, IRTS,Advisor, Railway Board Of India.