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The era of Tansen was early sixteenth century,during the Mughal period,ruled by Akbar.This movie was dedicated to the life history of this great singer of all time,showing his childhood,musical training under the guidance of saint music guru of Vrindavan Swami Haridaas Ji and his selection as one of the Navaratnas of Akbar's court.The raagmaala presented here shows the complition of his music training.Taansen is shown growing up during the learning he concludes with  a prayer for his guru:" गुरुर  ब्रह्मा  गुरुर  विष्णुर  गुरुर  देवो  महेश्वरः , गुरु  साक्षात्  परब्रह्म  तस्मै  श्री  गुरवे  नमः "  singing When asked by Guru Haridaas Swami to express the Classical Raagaas ,he sings this रागमाला including six raagas: bhairav, malkauns, hindol, shree, deepak and megh malhaar .Taansen sings introductary verse: "राग  वर्णत  शास्त्र  मत  गुणि  जन  बखानत  ज्ञान  से " and then starts with raagmaala: " राग  भैरव  प्रथम  शांत  रस  जाके , शंकर  को  प्रिय  लागे  सुर  मधुर  वाके ,नि स ग  म प् ध नि स,स नि ध ध म ग रे स ,राग भैरव ...| सा रे ग म ध नि नि ता ,रे प् वरज कर वामे मध्यम चतुर्थ अंश मालकौंस पहचाने || हिंडोल के बोल ध ध म धी न म ग म ..,आरोह अवरोह रे प् वरज कर गाये || श्री राग अब जाग आरोह करके , पंचम ऋषभ सुर अति ही सुहावन |प् प् नि ध प् म रे म ग रे स ,स प् म नि ध....|| दीपक महाराग गावत जले ज्योति , आरोह षड ऋषभ अवरोह संपूर्ण | प् प् ग म सा रे ध नि ग प् ध ध ग म ध नि ध प् ...|| मेघ मल्हार सब 
गुनियन बखाने | नि ता रे म म प् नि प् प् नि स रे , प् प् नि ध .......मेघ मल्हार  सब गुनियन  बखाने .||"Great singer Manna Dey performed skillfully justifying the grammer and pattern of all the raagaas in dhrupad style.The whole credit should be given to film's Music Composer Shree NathTripathi , who created such a film, loaded with a number of marvellous music compositions.Typical and timely suitable lyrics were written by poet Shailendra.The video clip shows only beginning and end of Raagmaalika.It was completely given on gramphone records only. Credit goes to one of my learned friends Shri K.L.Pandey,IRTS,who has provided this recording,which is before you .This small raagmaala is like 'गागर  में  सागर'.I hope everyone will agree with me.

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