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This composition was presented in the form of a ballet on the stage.Music was composed by KHAYYAM, using four ragas.The singers are MANNA DEY, GEETA DUTT and KAUMUDI MUNSHI.
 This composition shows the departure of Krishna from Gokul to Mathura ,leaving behind Radha ,Gopikas and all his childhood friends forever.There is a hidden pathetic atmosphere in this song ,which begins with the souleful singing of मन्ना  डे:

"मथुरा श्याम चले ,मथुरा श्याम चले 
सावन घन सा उमड़ पड़ा ब्रज ,
मथुरा श्याम चले |
रथ से लिपटी ,पथ से लिपटी ,बावरिया ब्रजनारी ,
बोली राधा प्रेम अगाधा ,ना जाओ गिरधारी ,ना जाओ गिरधारी ,
मथुरा श्याम चले..||"

Now Geet Dutt sings for Radha:

"कैसे जाओगे कन्हाई ,कैसे जाओगे 
जाने नाही दूंगी ,पग धरुँगी,ना डरूँगी,
संवारे मैं तेरी राह में मरूंगी ,ना डरूँगी ,ना डरूँगी हो ,
कैसे जाओगे कन्हाई कैसे जाओगे|"

Radha comments on Krishna:

"तन के कारे रहे तुम कान्हा,
  मन के कारे बनो नहीं श्याम,
  तुम बिन होगा जीवन सूना,
  नरक बनेगा गोकुल धाम | 
  कैसे जाओगे कन्हाई कैसे जाओगे ...?"

There are some dialogues from Radha. And again from background Manna Dey sings:

मथुरा श्याम चले ,मथुरा श्याम चले ,
सावन घन सा उमड़ पड़ा ब्रज ,मथुरा श्याम चले ||

Now for the Bansuri (flute) of Krishna,singing has been done by Kaumudi Munshi as:

"बाजूँ राधे जो भगवान बजाये |
  वो ही बोली बोलू राधे,
  जो भगवान् बुलाये ||"

Then Radha says that,now I have come to know that we can get close to God by eliminating ourselves.
Then Krishna consoles Radha by saying that her name will always be taken before his name.And says to repeat with him:
राधे -कृष्ण ,
राधे -कृष्ण ,
राधे -कृष्ण ,
राधे -कृष्ण ||
This continues in Kirtan style reaching to its higher pitch.
This a unique creation of music director Khaiyyam,which is capable of drawing the whole episode before our eyes,whenever we listen to it.Evening time ragas Kafi and Bhimpalasi have been used to create the devotional atmosphere in the song.
The lyrics of this song were penned by Pt.Ram Murti Chaturvedi.   

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