Saturday, January 28, 2012


The doyen of मेवाती  घराना, पंडित जसराज  is the top ranked classical vocalist of India.He was born in Hissar in Haryana.His father Pt.Motiram was a musician and  his three sons Pt.Maniram  ,Pt.Pratap Narayan(father of Sulakshana Pandit and Vijyeta Pandit) and Pt.Jasraj, all became well versed  Hindustani Classical vocalists.But Pt.Jasraj is the gem of this Mewati Gharana.Pt. Jasraj got his training in music,from his father and eldest brother Pt. Maniram. I have attended his live concerts, four times since 1982 and what I feel,that his singing is now filled with divinity and spirituality,which mesmerizes everyone in the audience in every part of the world.
When I searched for his contribution to film music ,then it is only in three films,one is,his father in law's(श्री  वी.शांताराम) production;'लड़की  सह्याद्री  की '.In this film,music director Late Shri वसंत देसाई  composed in राग अहीर भैरव ,a patriotic song for Pt.Jasraj.Listening  to it explores the range and quality in singing style of Pandit Ji.The song is"वंदना करो ,अर्चना करो ।इस धरा महान की,स्वर्ग के समान की ।।भक्ति और भाव की ,मिटटी है सम्मान की ।भूमि है गरीब  की किन्तु स्वाभिमान की।।वंदना करो ...।।विश्व से इसे प्रेम है ,शांति से इसे प्यार है ।पर अधर्म के लिए धर्म की तलवार है।।वंदना करो अर्चना करो .........।"    
The second song"रंगरलियाँ  करत सौतन के संग ...." was recorded for the film 'BIRBAL MY BROTHER' and it was a जुगलबंदी  in राग  मालकौंस  in द्रुत लय,तीन ताल ,with the great exponent of किराना  घराना ,प.भीमसेन जोशी .Both the vocalists presented a unique composition of taans,meend gamak,murkiyan,which is not very common for film songs.Here is that song:
 There was a movie'PHIR BHI'(1973) in which Pandit Ji sang many pieces of Aalap and Khayals in the background music score.Pt. Jasraj sang three songs in film'SUSHMAN' and one song in film 'EK HASEENA THI'. This is not enough for such a great singer and I hope that some music director will definitely persuade Pandit Ji to sing his divine Bhajans for films also.He is touching the age of 80 and I wish him a 100 year's long musical life,showering peace and harmony all over the world.

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