Saturday, October 24, 2015



Shamshad Begum

Talat Mahmood
This movie was a social satire based on renowned author R.K.Narayan's famous story 'MR.SAMPAT'. The central character was played by Moti Lal and heroine was Padmini.She is a stage artist and performs in plays of progressive thoughts.But situations take turn in such a way due to tricky gimmicks of Mr.Sampat that heroine is also trapped in that net.Due to misunderstandings  developed with her writer and director,she has to leave that theater and joins another one showing traditional entertaining plays only.This Raagmalika shows the short glimpses of those traditional plays in a sequence. 
      Threre are five songs based on five different Raagas, beautifully sung by SHAMSHAD BEGUM and TALAT MAHMOOD .First song is composed in raga Bilawal and second in  raga Aasawari.These two are in the voice of Shamshad Begum.Third song "Laila laila pukarun..." composed in Gunkali,is sung by Talat Mahmood.It is followed by two popular Dadras again sung by Shamshad Begum."Kaga sab tan...Maine lakhon ke bol..." is composed in raga Kaushik Dhwani and the last "Andheriya hai raat sajan..." is composed in raga Khamaj.
This Raagmalika is the result of rigorous research of many years.Hope everyone will enjoy its compositions and presentation.

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