Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The movie सौ  साल  बाद  got released in the year 1966.Though it was not much successful on the screen, but it had very good music compositions given by its music directors लक्ष्मीकांत  and प्यारेलाल .Its Raagmalika is one of the best to be composed for Hindi films.The first song of the Raagmalika
 ‘एक  ऋतु  आये , एक  ऋतु  जाए,
  दीप जलाये,दीप बुझाए ,
  कभी हंसाये ,कभी रुलाये|  ..’ is sung by मन्ना  डे  in the beginning.Later लता  मंगेशकर  also joins him and both sing it as a duet.It is composed in a  very rare राग धन्य धैवत  in तीन  ताल। The second composition
'जिया नाहीं लागे का करूँ सजना,
 तुझ बिन सूना लागे अंगना |
 आये न मोरे नैनों में निंदिया ,
 साजे न मोरे माथे पे बिंदिया |
 बाजे न मोरी बाहों में कंगना।..' is sung beautifully by लता  मंगेशकर  in राग  आभोगी.
The next composition is in the form of a duet,sung by लता  and मन्ना  डे :
घिर आयी कारी कारी बदरिया ,
 धड़के जियरा,चमके बिजुरिया |
 ऐसे लागे कजरे बदरा,
 जैसे तोरे नैनों का कजरा |
 छोडो सांवरिया |..
 in राग  मेघ  मल्हार  in रूपक  ताल .
The last number 
खिल  गयीं  कलियाँ ,
 नैना ढूंढे साजन की गलियां |
 सामा मापा गामा |
 नीधा नीसा  सा नी सा ..,
 खिल गयीं खिल गयीं ....।।
was also a duet sung by them in raaga बसंत  बहार  in तीन  ताल  .All these songs were written in beautiful wordings by lyricist आनंद  बख्शी .Whenever anyone will listen to this रागमालिका , I am sure, will get hypnotized.After a long effort I could get only first two compositions on an audio track from my friend Dr.R.P.Singh and now it is before you.The impressive violin  piece in raga आभोगी  after the first part ,was played by Pt.Husna Lal, who gave hit music in many Hindi films of Forties and Fifties era, with his brother.Their team was known as:' हुस्न  लाल - भगतराम 


CP said...

i am desperately searching thi sRaag malika everywhere.. can any one help??

Anonymous said...

I have been posting RaagaMaalikas on 'youtube'.
Search 'bharat upadhyay' for already posted aswell as future posting.
--Bharat Upadhyay

Dr.R.C.Mishra said...

Dear Upadhyay Ji,I have posted the 'Sau SaalBaad' film's raagmalika in Aug.2009 and Film 'Amar Samadhi' film's raagmalika in July2013,These both are posted by you on 'youtube' only two weeks ago.So how can I bother for it.My approach is different and analytical.I believe in bringing good music before music lovers ,that is all.

Bharat Upadhyay said...

Thanks for your generosity letting me use materials from your blog. I have started series titled 'RaagaMaalas in Hindi Films' and I too believe in bringing good music before music lovers.
Please search for 'bharat upadyay' on YouTube and you will see the presentations I have there are absolute gems and REAL class music.
Will look forward for your comments on my YouTube presentations.
With regards,
Bharat Upadhyay

Unknown said...

Thanks Bharatji.. in advance.. I am in love of the peace that Lataji has sung..