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राग पेंटिंग्स 
वाद्य यन्त्र 
According to following 'श्लोक 'of संगीत  शास्त्र  ,twenty two श्रुतियां are divided into seven swaras : सा ,रे ,गा , म  ,प् ,ध ,नि .
"|| चतुश्च  तुश्च  तुश्चैव | षडज  मध्यम  पञ्चमः ||                                      द्वो द्वो  निषाद  गांधारो | तिस्त्री  रिषभ धैवतः||".

Thus musical notes स  ,म  ,प्  have been allotted four श्रुतियां  each,नि  and ग  two श्रुतियां  each and रे  and ध  are allotted three श्रुतियां  each.In this way 22 श्रुतियां  are divided between 7 स्वर  of सरगम |. We may now discuss the location of these Shrutis in the human body.Near the joint of neck with two shoulder bones,lie four nerves ,related to 4 shrutis of swar 'सा '.These are named as : मंद ,तीव्र ,कुमुदवंती and छान्दोवती. Around the base of throat are 3 nerves related to Shrutis of swar 'रे ', named as : रंजनी ,रक्तिका  and दयावती.The two nerves connected to lips are related to 2 shrutis of swar 'ग ' named as: रौद्री  and क्रोध .Through the spine four vertically directed nerves reach to the top of human brain, called ' ब्रह्मरंध्र '.These nerves are related to 4 shrutis of swar 'म ',named as:वज्रिका ,प्रसारिणी ,प्रीति  and भार्जनी .Similarly 4 shrutis of swar 'प् ': क्षिति ,रक्ता ,अलोचित्री  and संदीपनी  are related to 4 nerves lying in the neck region of human body.Between the top and bottom of the mouth cavity a set of 3 nerves are located,representing shrutis of swar 'ध ':भदंती ,रम्या  and रोहिणी .Lastly 2 nerves lying around the lips are related to shrutis of swar 'नि ': छोभिणी and उग्र . When thrust of generated in the naval region strikes with the minute openings of these nerves,then different Swar are produced with the combinations of their respective shrutis.The naval region is most significant place in human body for producing 'नाद '.According to theory of योग , a ten petalled 'मणिपूरक  चक्र ' is present in the naval region of human body.The संगीत  is based on स्वर  and स्वर are based on वायु  and this वायु  is related to मणिपूरक चक्र.Basically शब्द ,नाद and ब्रह्म are interrelated and they originate due to vibrations.That is why,it is said that :
"|| न नादेन बिना गीतम | न नादेन बिना स्वरः ||
 न नादेन बिना नृत्यम | तस्य तप्रात्मकम जगत ||".     

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