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Raagmalika In Hindi Film:JHANAK JHANAK PAYAL BAAJE(1955)


While talking about the Raagmalikas composed for Hindi films we must dicuss about the works of Music Director श्री  वसंत  देसाई  , who gave three such compositions worth remembering in three films,झनक झनक पायल बाजे (1955),गूँज उठी शहनाई (1959) and राम  राज्य (1967).First film had dance as its theme and the second had music as its main theme,the last one was a mythological movie.In the year 1955 a classic Hindi film dedicated to the finesse of Kathak Dance form, was produced by श्री  व्ही. शांताराम . The film was ‘झनक  झनक  पायल  बाजे ’.It was first movie of great Kathak maestro Late गोपी  कृष्ण  as a hero of a hindi film.Opposite him संध्या  was cast as heroine.Vasant Desai Ji got a situation when both of them are learning dance from their Guru and a memorable Raagmalika got created by him.The lyricist of songs used in this raagmaalika was famous poet हसरत  जयपुरी . It starts with the rendering of  a 'shloka':
       'गुरुर  ब्रम्हा  गुरुर  विष्णु  गुरुर  देवो  महेश्वरः।
        गुरुर  साक्षात्  परब्रम्ह  तस्मै  श्री  गुरवे  नमः।।  
 in the voice of singer मन्ना  डे , who continues the singing in राग  बसंत:
  “ रुत  बसंत  आयी ,
     वन वन उपवन द्रुम मिलिंद,
     प्रफुलित सुगंध मंद पवन,
     आवत मिलिंद मधुकर मधुर गुंजत,
     रुत बसंत…..।।”. 
 It is followed by the ‘तोड़ा ’ of कत्थक नृत्य   in the voice of गोपी  कृष्ण.
Then second song is presented again in the voice of मन्ना  डे , composed in राग  मेघ  मल्हार,It was:
 “आयी है घटा उमड़ घुमड़,
   घोर घिर चहूँ याम,
   उठत देत अति श्याम  वरन..,
   आयी है घटा  ….।।”
 Again a dance piece in the voice of Gopi Krishna is there and raagmalika continues with two further compositions , sung by लता  मंगेशकर .One is:
”पतझड़ आयी जलत उदासी,
  मैं  घबराई , नैना  रस  की  प्यासी..…।।”
 very well groomed in the flavour of राग  पहाड़ी  and the concluding number is:
 “ अब  तो  सजन  घर  आजा।
    हो मोरे सैंया ,मन का फूल खिला जा।
    अब तो सजन घर आजा...।।
    तड़प तड़प के ये बरखा बहार गुजरी है,
    जो रुत भी आयी है वो बेक़रार गुजरी है,
    राग मिलन के सुना जा...।।
    अब तो सजन घर आजा.....।।”
composed in राग  खम्माज .
The dance pieces are fitted in between these two last songs also and this raagmaalika ends with the diminishing voices of तोडा , टुकड़ा  and तत्कार  sung by गोपी  कृष्ण .This film is a landmark in the history of Hindi films,made very honestly by व्ही.शांताराम .You may not be knowing that before launching this film one day Shantaram Ji called Dr.Smt. सितारा  देवी ,a living legend,to present the various forms of Kathak dance before him, so that he may be able to justify himself in making a film on the art of dancing.The hero Gopi Krishna was son of Sitara Devi’s real sister तारा .Sitara ji is still an active dancer,running in the ninetees of her life. And in my opinion she still is at the top in the field of Kathak dancing.

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