Thursday, January 29, 2009


We can very easily understand the complicated philosophy of human life in a different perspective, looking into it through the ‘SARGAM’ of music. The existence of human life since its birth till death, is through its physical body,created out of five basic elements of nature.Death symbolizes the end of life.The सरगम  of music has seven basic notes: सा ,रे ,गा ,म ,प् ,ध and नि  whereas the physical human body is also said to be made of these five natural elements:Earth(क्षिति ),Water(जल ),Fire(पावक ),Sky(गगन ) and Air(समीर ) {Ref. रामचरितमानस :क्षिति  जल  पावक  गगन  समीरा | पञ्च  तत्वा  यह  मनुज  शरीरा ||}.We can now investigate,how these seven musical notes of ‘सरगम ’, show their perfect identity, with the whole span of human life. As our body life exists between its birth and its death, similarly, five musical notes are enclosed between 'सा ' and 'नि '.The sargam begins with 'सा ' and also the birth of a child is rejoiced in the family and community by singing of folk song 'सोहर '.The last seventh note of sargam is 'नि ' and also the ultimate end of life is Death which is consoled by singing of philosophical song 'निर्गुण '.The remaining five notes exactly represent the five elements, constituting the human body.Here 'रे ' stands for'रोहिताश्वा  or fire(पावक )','गा ' stands for 'गगन  or sky','म  ' stands for'मरुत  or air(समीर ),'प् ' stands for 'पावस /पयोधि  or water(जल )', 'ध  stands for 'धरती /पृथ्वी  or earth(क्षिति ).In this way we see that music is a real representation of human life.It is an integral part of our lives.Thus how can a person dislike music at all ? Music cannot be seperated from human life,both are complimentary to each other.


Anonymous said...

Checked the blog.Very good and very informative.All the best.
Dr.Sanjay Kapoor

Anonymous said...

Here you talk about 5 swar but actually ther are 22 including the Shrutis.
How can we relate the same 22 swar with the analogy of life elements.


Dr.R.C.Mishra said...

Without going into microscopic analysis of Swaras,I have taken the seven swar of Sargam which everyone knows and can easily relate them with the human body made of Five elements which exists between birth and death.Here I have related these seven with the seven swaras of sargam.thus music is an essence of human life.