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The next movie which had a wonderful raagmalika composition was ' सुवर्ण  सुंदरी '(year 1958) . Its music director was आदि  नारायण  राव  and singers were    . रफ़ी  and लता  मंगेशकर .The wonderful poetic lyrics were written by Pt. भरत  व्यास . We must know that a raagmalika has at least four different ragas presented in a sequence . The first song was"कुहू  कुहू  बोले  कोयलिया, कुञ्ज कुञ्ज में भंवरे डोले  ,गुन  गुन बोले|| कुहू कुहू  ....|| सज सिंगार ऋतु आयी बसन्ती ,जैसे नार कोई हो रसवंती | सा नि ध म ध नि सा ग म ग म  ध नि सा रे सा नि ध नि सा ....| सज सिंगार ऋतु ...|| डाली डाली कलियों को तितलियाँ चूमे | फूल फूल पंखुरियां खोले, अमृत घोले || कुहू कुहू बोले ...||." beautifully composed in राग  सोहिनी . The second song was composed in राग  बहार ,lyrics were"काहे  घटा  में  बिजली  चमके , हो सकता है मेघराज ने बादरिया का श्याम श्याम मुख चूम लिया हो | चोरी चोरी मन पंछी उड़े, नैना जुड़े || कुहू कुहू बोले....|.".The next composition "चन्द्रिका  देख  छाई, पिया, चन्द्रिका देख छाई ! चन्दा से मिल के मन ही मन में मुस्काई , छाई चंद्रिका देख छाई || शरद सुहावन, मधु मन भावन ,विरही जनों का सुख सरसावन || छाई छाई पूनम की घटा , घूँघट हटा | कुहू कुहू बोले कोयलिया |" was presented woven in the morning melody, राग  जौनपुरी .This raagmalika was made to conclude with a sweet composition"सरस  रात  मन  भये  प्रियतमा ,कमल कमलिनी मिले |किरण हार दमके ,जल में चाँद चमके , मन सानंद आनंद डोले || नि रे ग म ध नि सा ध नि सा सा नि सा ग रे ग |सा रे नि सा .......||" composed in राग  यमन . Though Adi Narayan Rao was not a regular music composer in Hindi films ,but raagmalikas were his forte. He has directed music in very few Hindi films and he gave two raagmalikas,which are unforgettable.His another prominent Hindi movie was 'फूलों  की सेज'(year 1964) .We will talk about it later.


Smita said...

a stupendous!!!worth an applause...looking forward to much more of such hidden n unnoticed yet highly intresting information to come our way...

Pankaj Dwivedi said...

Respected MIshra Da:

Thanks for your nice efforts. I think there is only one song in Phoolon Ki Sej Sung by Mukeshji..."Aa Tu Aa Jara Dil Mein Aa" with Lata Mangeshkar.

It is my good fortune that you are also giving your valuable sugg. for my web site (Mukeshji's songs & Raag)

I hope, in near future we will get more rare info...
With Deep Regards,
Pankaj Dwivedi

mini6523 said...

In fact this movie was originally made in Telugu and Tamil, and the Hindi version was dubbed version of the south Indian movie. Not just dialogues, even the songs were dubbed. The original south Indian song was composed in the raagas of Carnatic music, and for the Hindi version, raagas of Hindustani music were used. A word about Bharat Vyas, the lyricist. Assumming that he had to write lyrics keeping in mind the fact that the song was to be dubbed, he has come up with words that fit with the lip movement of the actors.P. Adinarayana Rao won the best music director in Hindi.

sushant patil said...

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I need your help..
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Sivasastry Boddupalli said...

No,this movie was direct Hindi film.telegu version relz may 10 57.