Monday, February 2, 2009


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Hindustani classical music in all its known vocal and instrumental forms,is composed, using the seven basic notes: सा ,रे , गा , म , प् , ध  & नि , known as the सरगम  of Music.Using these notes along with their all possible variations, in different modes and proportions, a large number of Raagas and Raaginis have been composed by the Pandits and Ustads of music,since centuries back . Making finer changes in the treatment of the ragas at different levels various Gharana traditions took birth . Thus we have a rich heritage of vocal and instrumental compositions ,which is known as our Indian Classical Music.Out of these standard compositions, the light classical form also got developed, side by side, as the simpler form of basic ragas.Thus alongwith the ख्याल  singing of ragas, टप्पा , ठुमरी , दादरा , गीत , ग़ज़ल , भजन  etc. came in light.The changing norms and moods of the society with time gets reflected in these compositions. Also the 'folk music' is deeply rooted in our day to day village life and this form of music directly expresses the influence of changing seasons and months over the life of villagers.This gave birth to vocal singings of चैती ,कजरी ,झूला ,बिरहा ,होरी , मांड ,सोहर ,बारहमासा  etc. in masses. Through these songs common people and peasants, revealed the moments of happiness and different types of miseries, prevailing in their lives. Some of these like पहाड़ी  and मांड  have been adopted as raagas in the tradition of classical music. It is observed that, may be a village life or a modern city life,we cannot seperate music from it,because our all important occasions in life and all the festivals are celebrated by singing,dancing and playing of a variety of musical instruments.Thus music is so deeply embibed in our day to day lives that one cannot seperate oneself from it.Thus music is an essence of human life. It is said that‘Classical Music Is For Classes And Not For Masses’, but I say that ‘Light classical form of music is for masses’.The Hindi films are also doing a great job of popularizing our light-classical music among the masses.Hundreds of popular Thumris,Dadras,Bhajans,Ghazals,Hori etc. have been composed in Hindi films.पंडित छन्नूलाल मिश्र  के स्वर में एक पारंपरिक सोहर प्रस्तुत है :  



great effort bhaiya keep it up , let people recognize your efforts .

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this z a truly applaudable effort of yours.especially for the youth least they'll get to know that there z something apart from the shrieky rock music also that not at all life less n hard like the rock,rather it gives soul to life....
keep up the good work...
urs heer...