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In this article I am discussing a unique but unnoticed musical composition of famous music director of Hindi films,नौशाद  अली .The film is ‘बैजू  बावरा ’(1952).This film's central theme was CLASSICAL MUSIC .It had a story woven around the lives of two great musicians of our country in the sixteenth century,बैजू  and तानसेन and their common Guru स्वामी  हरिदास  of Vrindavan.
The raagmalika has only a single line of lyrics, sung in a particular raga by मोहम्मद  रफ़ी and before it a verse called 'लक्षण -गीत 'was read narrating the nature of that raaga, during the music learning sessions of Baiju Bawara from his guru Swami Haridas.

The first राग  is ललित  explained as:
           "गौर  वदन  सुषमा   भरण ,प्रसन्न  मुख  मुस्कात ।
             कमल  पत्र  सम  नेत्र  से  ललिता  ललित  सुहात ।।",
then बैजू  sings राग : ललित,
            पियु  पियु  रे  करत  है   पपीहा ”.

 The second राग  is गौड़  मल्हार ,explained by Swami Haridas as:
            "गौड़- सारंग, मल्हार  दोनों  मिल  के  छेड़े  तार ।
             बोलत है बरखा की ये रिमझिम गाओ गौड़-मल्हार ।।",
  then he sings राग : गौड़  मल्हार  composition:
           ”रूम  झूम  बदरिया  बरसे उन बिन मोरा जियरा तरसे....”.

 The third number was in राग  पूरिया , explained by Swami Ji as:
           "रत्न मुकुट सर छत्र और चामर ,मुख  में  पान ।
             राजा  रूप  कल्याण  सी  पूरिया  जाती  धाम।।"
followed by Baiju singing राग :पूरिया,
           “ अजब  तोरी  प्रभु  आन  बान देखी.."  
and learning is shown to be concluded with raag बागेश्वरी , explained by Swami Haridas Ji as :
            "विद्वानों की वाणी में बस कर विजय दिलात ||
              रक्त  वर्ण  बागेश्वरी  मंद  मंद  मुस्कात ||"
and बैजू  now sings राग : बागेश्वरी :
            ” हे  री  हे  मैं  कैसे  घर  आऊँ  मितवा...”.

This film had many hit songs,therefore, specifically this short duration रागमालिका  got overshadowed under their overwhelming influence and popularity.But it is really a memorable composition given by music director Naushad.

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a highly informative piece of music writing it is.a treat for all genuine music lovers.i myself learnt from here only that what is a "raagmalika"..keep up the good effort!